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Assessing Value for Money: The Oxford Policy Management Approach

This document offers practical guidance for assessing value for money in international development programs, building on the Value for Investment approach.

King, J., Wate, D., Namukasa, E., Hurrell, A., Hansford, F., Ward, P., Faramarzifar, S. (2023). Assessing Value for Money: the Oxford Policy Management ApproachSecond Edition. Oxford Policy Management Ltd.

Value for Investment: Application and Insights

This document describes key principles of the Value for Investment evaluation approach and provides guidance on how to use it to design and implement evaluations, using the evaluation of the Youth Primary Mental Health and Addictions (Youth PMHA) initiative as an illustrative example.

King, J., Crocket, A., Field, A. (2023). Value for Investment: Application and InsightsYouth Primary Mental Health and Addictions Evaluation. Exemplar report for Te Whatu Ora – Health New Zealand. Dovetail Consulting Ltd.

Evaluation Building Blocks

The Kinnect group developed this evaluation guide over ten years working together. There are many different ways to do evaluation and a range of guides. Our guide emphasises the place of evaluative reasoning in evaluation. It draws on the work of many evaluation theorists, as well as our practice-based body of knowledge.

McKegg, K., Oakden, J., Wehipeihana, N., King, J. (2018). Evaluation Building Blocks: A Guide. The Kinnect Group.

Value for Investment one-page PDF overview

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Bradford Hill Criteria for causal inference

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